The activities proposed by the Nervi Laboratory

Pier Luigi Nervi was one of the protagonists of the Italian twentieth century, contributing to the development of our country in the post-war period and spreading the image of a modern and competitive Italy in the world, excellent in creativity as well as in technology. His figure and work are still extremely topical today and can be an example and food for thought for the younger generations. The activities proposed by Laboratorio Nervi for schools aim to invite schools to explore the life and work of a personality who knew how to unite the art and science of building in a creative path at the service of civil society.

Students have the opportunity to explore the in-depth materials presented on the site, while teachers can make use of the three types of teaching activities proposed, which are not only aimed at teachers in 'specialist' schools, but also offer food for thought and work for teachers with very young audiences: think, for example, of the links with psychomotricity, manual dexterity, and the creation of a sense of aesthetics in Kindergarten and Primary School, or the connections that can be made with subjects such as Technology, Mathematics, Geometry, History of Art, Science and Motor Education in Secondary School.