Research and experimentation as an integral part of the creative process

The research that can be carried out within the Laboratorio Nervi will focus on the same themes that will shape its teaching, collaborating with universities and public and private institutions in Italy and internationally.

In this sense, Pier Luigi Nervi's material of choice, reinforced concrete, and everything that updates or replaces it today, will obviously be of particular interest. Further, another line of research could be construction techniques, while innovative could be the study of an aspect whose virtuous management characterised Nervi's success in his most spectacular achievements, namely shipbuilding.

In accordance with what is proposed as part of the training offer, the restoration and conservation of historical concrete structures could be an important research topic, in cooperation with associations and institutions involved in the preservation of the Modern.

Pier Luigi Nervi always considered experimentation as an integral part of his creative process, seeing laboratory tests and real-life verification as an essential element in the design of a structure. in this sense, his experimental activity in collaboration with Arturo Danusso at the Milan Polytechnic, which was later continued at the ISMES in Bergamo, was fundamental. Resuming and referring to this 'Lombardy' aspect of Pier Luigi Nervi's activity by bringing it into the priorities and needs of today could be one of the areas of strong development in the activities of the Laboratorio Nervi.