The educational offer of the Nervi Laboratory
A number of key concepts are identified around which to develop the educational offerings of the Nervi Laboratory:

Relationship between Engineering and Architecture, between Design and Construction

Pier Luigi Nervi, an engineer by training, was also a designer of his own structures and as an architect he came to international attention. Often the builder of the structures he designed himself, Nervi in his writings and teaching often dwelt on the relationship between Engineering and Architecture, between Design and Construction.


Pier Luigi Nervi was one of the first Italian designers to be active at an international level, achieving worldwide fame. Under the sign of this internationality, the Laboratorio Nervi will present an educational offer addressed to a global audience, actively seeking collaborations and partnerships with universities and institutions all over the world.

The Conservation, Restoration and Recovery of Modern Architecture

Many of Pier Luigi Nervi's works are now in a problematic if not dramatic condition, requiring a process of restoration and redevelopment. This offers the cue to propose a training offer around the themes of restoration and recovery of Modern Architecture, with a particular focus on concrete structures. In particular, reference is made to the European cooperation project REcube: REthink, REvive, Reuse - Transmitting Knowledge for Sustainable Regeneration of European Reinforced Concrete Heritage, winner in the KA2 line of the Erasmus+ 2021 programme.