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Education, research and experimentation in the sign of Pier Luigi Nervi

The Laboratorio Nervi at the Lecco campus of the Politecnico di Milano - teaching, research and experimentation in the sign of Pier Luigi Nervi

Pier Luigi Nervi's intellectual and historical legacy is complex, rich in potential and more topical than ever. The Laboratorio Nervi is the place to explore it, declined in a wide range of didactic and research offerings.

Nervi Itinerary

Starting from the exhibition materials donated to the Politecnico di Milano by the Pier Luigi Nervi Project, an itinerary has been set up to introduce Pier Luigi Nervi's thought and work to those attending the Laboratorio, following both Nervi's creative path and illustrating some of the recurring themes in his thought and work. Around this initial nucleus of existing materials other realisations have been aggregated over time, such as models, renderings, archive footage and videos, both created ad hoc for the Laboratorio and made available by future partners of the project.

This installation is proposed in the spaces of the Ex Maternity Pavilion of the Lecco Campus. The layout and materials presented will therefore evolve to accompany the activities that will take place there.

Initially, 3 main activities are identified to be carried out in the context of the Workshop: